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About fifteen minutes by car from Makriyialos are these two villages. Listed in the Venetian census of 1583, today you can still see the remains of the Venetian mansion.( as shown on the right).

Noted for its beauty, Armeni and Handras have kept their quiet dignity, even though they are just 27 km short of Sitia.550m2 high, Armeni is known for its honey and oil and raisins. It has links back to the Arab inhabitants and was probably called Petroulina and even today, some areas are still called this. Even today, the locals believe that many years ago there was a lake where they built the village as they have found buried fish and weeds when renovating houses.

From the Byzantine period there are two churches that up until the last century had frescos and designs in tact. One is dedicated to St George, the other Theotokou. Even so, there are more chapels and churches in the area like the chapels to Agia Sofia, Agios Ioannis and the Holy Spirit.

Also close are the communities of Etia that takes its name from the tree Itia, that grows nearby.

We have houses for sale and land in this area so do call us to arrange a visit.