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Sales Contract - What's Covered

As we have been in business for over thirteen years and sold, renovated and built many properties in the area, we feel, it is necessary for new customers to understand what specifically is covered in an agents role for the buying purchase of a property in Crete.

When you first buy your house, you will need help organizing paperwork, tax numbers, notaries, possibly a power of attorney, bank accounts and other help. We are very happy to help organize any paperwork you need to facilitate your property purchase and are on hand for all manner of issues from translations, government paperwork, loan advice and help and beaurocratic information.

When we go to contract for you, we will deal with all the paperwork pertaining to the house purchase. Afterwards for the first six months, we are on hand and can help you deal with most of the everyday issues in Crete. We are happy to share knowledge, set up maintenance packages with you and advise you in general for any help you need. If you have a house that we are project managing, expect to have support until the property is finished and again for another six months or so afterwards.

However, when it comes to changing bills into your own name, helping with post contractual work, unless it is specifically mentioned before we go to contract, we now have to charge for our time.   

As agents, in the past we have been very generous with our time, phone calls, time out of the office, visits made for customers and general help. 

As a company we are more than willing to help you sort out any problems you encounter. 

The charge of all of these is dependant upon the amount of time and work.

Thank you for your understanding.

Abbe Waddington