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Welcome to Cretan Homes, The Crete Property Specialists

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  • Welcome to Cretan Homes, the Crete Property Specialists!

    We are dedicated to finding you the best fit and most affordable property in Crete. We offer a complete end-to-end service, from initially locating the right property and handling the transaction, through to maintaining your investment.

    As the oldest real estate agents in Makrigialos, our unique style, modern office and host of services have helped us stand out as market innovators.

    We work all year round on a variety of different building projects and using different materials and techniques. We can also offer new services and construction styles to help you buy, sell, rent and run property in Crete.
    We are committed to providing a professional, project-managed service for any property, completed within agreed/contracted timescales.

    At Cretan homes we spend 100% of our time as a property agent and this is demonstrated through our dedicated customer services and long-standing customer base.

    Investing in property is a very big step, especially when this is in another country with different laws and language involved.
    We understand the complexities that come with this and help you negotiate the endless beaurocracy that come with having a property in Crete.
    Our customers stay with us for ongoing maintenance, building expansions and reselling efforts and we are proud to have customers going back over 15 years that are a true testament to our professional service. 

    For a secure and professionally run service, call us or contact us at our offices in Makrigialos town to discuss any real estate transaction in Crete.
    It WILL save you money and you will make good friends, who you can rely on to be there, in town with a registered and professionally run office, for years to come!

  • What You See Not What You Hear
    When you come to us to buy a property, get a house built or a renovation organised, we can show you where we have built, you can talk to people living in our houses, who come from all over the world, you can see our work in all of the villages in our region.

    Why We Do It Better
    We spend time understanding your budget, making you aware of building materials, planning permissions and ongoing costs, so that you clearly see not only want you can afford now, but also what you can sustain.
    Living locally we know all costs and can outline the pitfalls and difficulties some building practices bring, so that you are aware what you can afford to buy, build, renovate and run.

    Fully backed by our membership ethics, our credentials and accreditation show that we offer a professionally run business, according to set codes of practice. The Hellenic Real Estate Association, SEK, only allows members to join who have been in business for over three years and is a good benchmark to have.
    This is important when buying abroad, as distance demands that a level of security is maintained, where funds are being transferred and substantial purchases made.


  • Property Bargains in Crete!
    Many are asking us about the property options now that the economic situation is settling down. We have been working throughout and there are a lot of bargains that are around, being snapped up, so come and speak to us now!
    Tel: 0030 6977 271080
    Skype: yiannis karavitis

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